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RTClbDS5kReg-April 20, 2018


Brand Raw Threads

One of the many great benefits of joining our Club is that we have unique opportunities with many endurance events. Have any questions about the events? Email us at

This event has very limited availability. If you place this product in your cart and you have abandoned the cart before processing payment or the time limit runs out you are not registered for this race. Until this product is paid for and you have a Raw Threads receipt are you able to register the race. If you have left this product in your cart after registration capacity had been reached, or we have closed registration, you will not be sent the information to register and your money will be refunded. *Only while Raw Threads Group openings last or the promotion ends. **Additional spots may open.

An email with detailed registration information will be emailed to you within 2 hours of purchasing this product, emails will be sent between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. (E.S.T.) only.

*Race registrations are for Raw Threads Club Members ONLY. We can only offer a race registration opportunity to current Raw Threads Club Members, the membership is not transferrable and non-refundable. Each person interested in the race entires must have a matching Raw Threads Membership. If this policy is not followed, we will cancel the Race Registration. If you want to join the club go to

**Gift Cards may not be used for purchase of Raw Club Threads Memberships and Raw Threads Race Registrations.

***You may not use a discount code for Raw Threads Club Memberships, Renewals or Race Registrations. If a discount code is used, your order will be canceled and refunded to you. 

More information about the rules and conditions of our Raw Threads Club can be found under FAQs and our Terms Page. Should you have any additional questions, please email us at

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